As an X-mas calendar till 24th of December is quite boring, because done every year, we thought
it might be funny to open one "window" (picture) every day till 31st of December. :)

Some impressions collected over the year 2017 - every day a new picture and some words and thoughts.
And in the course of this daily picture upload I will also update our website
with new photos, the breeding conditions for 2018 and much more.
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Unser treuer Begleiter Border Collie

Bild 1 - gemütlicher Winerspaziergang mit Hengst SnoMan und seinen 2 Stutis Puppe und Pipsa
Bild 2 - Pintabian Stute My Little Passion (NorCal Sierra SnoMan x Khajra El Assuad ox)
Bild 3 - Palomino Araber Stute WT Bejewelled aus Kanada mit 99,2% AV-Anteil
Pintabian Stute NorCal Sierra Indian Summer vollgepackt mit Bändern Glöckchen Decken und Plastiksackerln
Bild 5 - Frühlingsgefühle
Bild 6 - Der Frühling hielt nicht lange an
Wintereinbruch Mai 2017 brrrr
Unser treuer Begleiter Border Collie

Picture 1
We are starting with a photo of our group having a nice winter walk in January 2017.
Silvia & SnoMan, Julia & Puppe and Conny & Pipsa.
Such a wonderful weather just has to be used for a long walk. :)

Picture 2
Spring is around the corner, it is getting dryer and so we decided to take a few pictures of our young ladies in the roundpen.
Here Pintabian mare My Little Passion (99,9% Arabian) by NorCal Sierra SnoMan & Khajra El Assuad ox.

Picture 3
Our Palomino Arabian girl imported from Canada in 2016
99,2% Arabian - WT Bejewelled aka "Jewelly" by JM Mystairs Fire ox & CW Behold Gold
She is maturing very well and got best friend with our Pintabian mare in the same age "Passion".

Picture 4
Of course our roundpen is also used for working our horses :D
Here is our Pintabian mare NorCal Sierra Indian Summer by NorCal Sierra SnoMan & Al Batida ox
packed with ribbons, blankets, bells and plastic bags for anti-fright-training.

Picture 5
Finally spring, it is warmer, greener and the bellies from our mares getting bigger and bigger. :D

Picture 6
"Spring" did not last very long - even our "Miss Austria Classic" cannot believe it - snow and green does not match very well.

Picture 7
Suddenly winter again *brrrrr* - from green pastures and wonderful blossoms to snow.

Picture 8
Our loyal companion - best dog ever ♥ Billy ♥
Proud 18 years old.




Partbred Arabian mare

by Pintabian stallion "NorCal Sierra SnoMan" & Partbred Araber Stute "Shalima"
2012 ÖAZV Reserve Championesse (filly class)
2015 beim Pinto European Championship 4th place (Junior mares)

Amira is the first of by now 4 foals sired by SnoMan at JH Arabians - Julia & Family in Tyrol, Austria.
Julia and Amira are one heart and one soul. We are always happy when we get
photo updates from them.
Amira was started in front of the carriage in 2016 by the European master in driving
and showed talent and loves their regular carriage tours with the family.

But she is also looking good under saddle.
This year Julia participated at her first trail ride with Amira.
A chillout trail ride over 4 hours through the wonderful Tyrolean landscape
with best autumn weather - life cannot be better huh? :D

Amira is a nice example for the Arabian versatility:

Beloved family horse, in front of the carriage, under saddle,
show horse, pretty, smart and so much more ♥

We wish you all the best and many more wonderful years with Amira @Julia & Family.








"NorCal Sierra's Heartbreaker"

Pintabian stallion with 99,9% Purebred Arabian bloodlines

by Pintabian stallion "NorCal Sierra SnoMan" & Purebred Arabian mare "Al Batida"
became class winner at Bränninge Cup in Sweden in summer 2017.

We are very happy that Mie Jagne is promoting in Sweden the rather young breed of Pintabians
with our colt/stallion Heartbreaker.

In the Partbred Arabian Class with 3 starters, 2 of them were Pintabians, Heartbreaker could convince the judges
of his qualities and also conquered several hearts of the audience.

A wonderful proof that a horse does not need to be a descendant of Arabians that are en vogue
at todays Arabian Shows to be successful at an Arabian Cup.

Heartbreaker's sire is an elegant and very sporty Arabian, partly russian,
with a good amount of Crabbet bloodlines, a very athletic stallion.
His dam is polish-spanish bred, with several Purebred Arabians in her pedigree that were
successful at shows and under saddle, a very showy mare.
And their son, a successful combination of his parents.

We are ver happy & wish owner Mie Jagne all the best for the futur with
this gorgeous representative of the Pintabian breed. ♥











We are happy that our Miss Smart N Cheeky found a wonderful
new home at Janusch & Family in beauiful Wallis in Switzerland.

Janusch was already interested in Cheeky in 2016, but at that time she already was sold
to France. And now as our buyer had to cancel the contract, Janusch did not hesitate
and came for a visit, inclusive horse trailer for the case that he falls in love
with Cheeky to take her home right away. :D

We are happy that our cuddly girl conquered your heart immediately
and wish you both all the best for the future.
A wonderful home with passionate horsemen, free stall, alpine pastures,
Parelli training... we cannot imagine a better home for her ♥