European Championships & National Championships 2014 - NorCal Sierra SnoMan:

On September 27th 2014 the 5th National Championships of the APÖ and the
1st European Championships for coloured horses took place in Stadl Paura, Austria.

At this point a BIG THANK YOU to the APÖ team for organizing this event!
We are looking forward to the next year.

We are very proud of our 8 years old boy SnoMan, who started in the class of senior stallions
where he has proven that he is not yet one of the old guard.
He showcased hisself as a tall and sporty arabian horse.

Along with his 3 daughters Ashira, Amira & My Little Passion, that got good to very good scores,
(class of the fillies and junior mares - details below on our website), we are also thrilled about SnoMan's
4th place at the European Championships (class of senior stallions) and his
1st place at the National Championships (class of senior stallions)!

The quality of the horses shown was high, that proves the nummerous ex aequo results and narrow scores of some horses.
A fortiori we are very very happy with the results of our horses and the offspring of our stallion and we are
more than proud that SnoMan could keep up with the high quality warmblood pinto stallions at this show.

At the Pferdezucht Austria Website you can download all the results.

Many thanks to Marion Berg for all the photos! (c)




European Championships for coloured horses 2014 - Amira, Ashira & Passion

We are excited about the results of SnoMan's offspring at the first European Championships for
coloured horses 2014 in Stadl Paura, Austria.

1st place European Championships - class "fillies": ASHIRA (NorCal Sierra SnoMan x Shalima Ibn Azal, born. 2014 - B.&.O. Julia Wastian)
5th place European Championships - class "fillies": MY LITTLE PASSION (NorCal Sierra SnoMan x Khajra El Assuad ox, born. 2014, B.&.O. Wertl&Piuk)
4th place European Championships - class "junior mares": AMIRA (NorCal Sierra SnoMan x Shalima Ibn Azal, born 2012, B.&.O. Julia Wastian)

Congratulations especially to Julia Wastian & Family who got home with many ribbons,
along with 1st and 4th place for her young girls, the mother of the two "Shalima Ibn Azal" also got the title
"Reserve European Championesse" (class: senior mares).
A very successful weekend for Julia - we are very happy for you! :-)

Thank you Marion Berg & Heiko Föger for all the photos! (c)





European Championships 2014 - Coffee And Cream

We are happy that the yearling filly Coffee And Cream (Partbred Arabian by Nizar VS, out of DR Sinful Seductions, chestnut tobiano, born 2013)
that comes from our barn (note: she does not come out of our breeding program!) got the title
"Reserve European Championesse" at the 1st European Championships for coloured horses 2014.

Congratulations to her owner Zsofia Hell!


Thank you Zsofia Hell & Soel'ring Hoff Schurek for the photos (c)!





Miss Manny Penny was awarded with the title "premium foal" with an overall score of 8.0

She was placed 2nd between two wonderful Trakehner bred pinto fillies
and got the highest score for movement among all foals - score 8,5!

We are so proud of our darling. ♥