Miss Manny Penny was awarded with the title "premium foal" with an overall score of 8.0

She was placed 2nd between two wonderful Trakehner bred pinto fillies
and got the highest score for movement among all foals - score 8,5!

We are so proud of our darling. ♥





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NorCal Sierra SnoFlake
(NorCal Sierra SnoMan x Khajra El Assuad ox)
Stud book registration event ÖAZV 2014
WA Nexotica ox
(T.F. Afrikhan Shah x Nilimaa)
Stud book registration event ÖAZV 2014


My Little Passion
(NorCal Sierra SnoMan x Khajra El Assuad ox)
Pintabian filly (for sale)
NorCal Sierra Mystic Flame
(NorCal Sierra SnoMan x Al Batida ox)
Pintabian colt (for sale)
Miss Manny Penny
(NorCal Sierra SnoMan x Miss Memphis Classic)
Pinto filly (for sale)




A lovely new arrival in our barn


We are introducing our pintabian colt sired by NorCal Sierra SnoMan, out of purebred arabian mare Al Batida (by Al Magniffico):

NorCal Sierra Mystic Flame

A colt with 99,902% arabian bloodlines, gorgeous type and flair.

This young man was born in the mystic night of summer solstice, that is celebrated in our region every year with
wonderful bonfires - there his name "NCS Mystic Flame" comes from.

NorCal Sierra SnoMan & Al Batida again made a stunning foal - we are so excited! ♥
Mystic Flame will be for sale!

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