We are very happy that our black and white pinto arabian colt "Jesse J. Classic" by Jascorial ox
found a lovely new home with Ariana in Switzerland.
Jesse is now at the stallion raising ranch "Guldehof" and will spend his childhood there
until he goes to Switzerland.

We wish Ariana and Jesse all the best for their future! :-)




We are happy to announce that our pintabian stallion born 2013 sired by NorCal Sierra SnoMan
has found a wonderful new home in Sweden.

We wish Mie all the best and much pleasure with our Heartbreaker! :-)



 Our youngest filly in the barn

On May 2nd Miss Memphis made us a present of a lovely NorCal Sierra SnoMan foal.

A jolly filly in tobiano coat pattern.

We are so happy with her and also have found a nice name for her  :-)

"Miss Manny Penny"

No panic - this is not a misspelling of the name "Miss Money Penny", her name really is "Miss MANNY Penny".

Her sire NorCal Sierra SnoMan has barn name "MANNY" and so her name is derived from his nickname.

Attention: In German language the name "Manny" is pronounced like the english word "money"
so her name "Miss Manny Penny" (in German) sounds the same like "Miss Money Penny" but is spelled a little bit different.
Hope my explanation makes sense to our english speaking visitors :) *lol*

Many people think that we have some weird names for our foals, but knowing the background story of
the horse and its name mostly explains how the horse came to its special name. :-)

Here is a short video of Miss Manny Penny (3 days old)

Watch theYouTube Video
(In the case that the VIMEO video is stuttering or loading too slowly please watch the Video at YouTube)



Pintabian filly from Finland now in Austria

We've got a new girl in our barn, but not a foal from our horses. :-)

May we introduce another precious pintabian filly - bred by Annina Huovinen from Finland:
Her parents are both pintabians from the USA:
Sire GP Touchof Dandi (black tobiano)
Dam Frostfire Legacy (bay tobiano)

We are more than happy to have "Pipsa" with us - thank you very much Annina!