Since 20 years we are breeding pintoarabian horses and the upcoming breed of pintabian horses
(tobiano coloured  pinto arabians with at least 99% arabian bloodlines) has become a little passion for us.

And our sporty pintabian stallion from the USA "NorCal Sierra SnoMan" adds fuel to our passion every year with
his gorgeous offspring.

We have left ourself plenty of time to find a name for our pintabian filly.
We had many different names in our heads after brainstorming, but
one very special name remained in our heads...

This gorgeous little lovely pintabian filly, out of black purebred arabian mare "Khajra El Assuad" (Rafik El Assuad x Khajinka von Mahnarch)
and pintabian stallion "NorCal Sierra SnoMan" (Majestic Sunspot x SPA Uncondishnaluv ox)
will be named "My Little Passion"  :-)

She bristles with passion, energy, curiosity and friendlyness and
combines in herself all the attitudes we adore when it comes to arabian horses and pintabians.




A recent video of our pintabian mare "NorCal Sierra SnoFlake"


Our first selfbred pintabian foal "Flake" is already 3 years old. How fast the time goes by...

Sire NorCal Sierra SnoMan
Dam Khajra El Assuad ox

Here is a short video of our pretty girl.
In the case that the VIMEO video is stuttering or loading too slowly
please watch the Video at YouTube.




Breeding season has just started

That's why I made this little "Gimmick":
An interactive info sheet with information about our pintabian stallion at stud "NorCal Sierra SnoMan" at
His details can be found HERE at our website.


In the case that you own a SnoMan foal and have got some photos of your foal/horse, we would be very happy to receive some recent photos via email for one of our next ISSUU publications.





Recent sales list

The SnoMan daughter "Fly With Angel Wings" and the purebred arabian sabino colt "Taiowa" will be offered for sale on our Website on behalf of their owners.

You can find their details at "FOR SALE".

We are looking for  good new homes at riders and breeders who want to promote the ridden arabian horse.

Recent horses for sale: