A horse is not only a horse, for us our horses are members of our family, leisure partners and sport partners. By no means they are a piece of sport equipment that can be substituted easily.
They belong to our family, they are raised with much love and effort, they get fostered, nourished and also a bit spoiled and the highes wish of us is that
they get the same careful treatment in their new families.
Families who appreciate and love them like we do.

Hence we are more than happy to announce that also our darling "American Brownie"
the last foal of SnoMan and Batida born with us in Austria,
has found a wonderful new home with the Müller Family.

It was love on first sight with Maria & Hannelore from Spittal/Drau.
Brownie was taken to their hearts immediately
and after the handshake that confirmed the sale he was hugged with the phrase

"Welcome in the Müller Family, henceforth you will be called Brownie Müller!" :-D

A sight for the Gods! ♥

We are so happy that he will get such a wonderful new home with you
and wish Family Müller much fun with our lovely boy.







2 MORE SnoMan-daughters were awarded with Premium Status!

At this year's APÖ Evaluation Event during the Warmblood Festival 2015 in Carinthia, another 2 horses from our stud got the premium status.

We are so excited!

MissCaliforniaClassicbyNorCalSierraSnoManIlkaThaler2015-31 Coloured-Fancy-Line-Ilka-Thaler-9 MissCaliforniaClassicbyNorCalSierraSnoManIlkaThaler2015-32




There were several premieres taking place at the Arabian Show of the ÖAZV in June at the Pferdezentrum Stadl Paura.
3 SnoMan daughters participated (My Little Passion, Curly Q.T. und Ashira) and our Pintabian filly from Finland Rakastan Sinua.
Ashira got honoured with the title "Arabian Junior Championesse", we are incredibly happy and congratulate breeder and owner of Ashira, Julia Wastian and Family to that great achievement!

MyLittlePassionPintabianZuchtschau2015DorisDobetsberger-4 RakastanSinuaPintabianZuchtschau2015DorisDobetsberger-3 CurlyDoDo2015-1