Our thoughts concerning breeding horses - our breeding concept - our breeding program...

Several years ago the love to the coloured arabian horse led us to Germany to B.Brombacher stud where we met, fell in love and purchased our first pinto arabian stallion "Azal Ibn Amir" (Blaz Ons Fancy Amir x Ranyana ox).

A very athletic bay tobiano stallion with ~96% arabian bloodlines. He was licenced for breeding in Austria, passed his stallion performance test in Stadl Paura and participated successfully at some versatility and cross country events.
Progeny of Azal is located in Austria, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland. He is with to date 8 licenced sons the most successful son of "Blaz Ons Fancy Amir" who was imported from the USA to Germany.

Azal was followed by NorCal Sierra SnoMan - a pintabian stallion we imported from the USA to Austria.

NorCal Sierra SnoMan (Majestic Sunspot x SPA Uncondishnaluv ox) was only 2 years old when we found him in California, a very sporty pintabian, bay tobiano with 99,8% arabian bloodlines. We immediately fell in love with him and purchased him from NorCal Pintabians. He should be our future stallion at stud in Austria.

We purchased him in the end of 2008 and only a few months later he went to Austria by plane. Only a few days after his long journey from California to Austria he succeeded at his first licencing test in Austria. We were so proud of him, he was so patient and well mannered.

SnoMan was licensed HB1 at APÖ (Pinto Austria) and in the course of the year he also passed another 2 stallion licencing tests (ÖAZV and ECHA)
2011 he successfully passed his stallions performance test in Stadl Paura, Austria with highscore 7,81!

His foals are representing the characteristics of SnoMan we appreciate so much:
Sportyness, personality, a good and healthy body, arabian type - ideal horses for families, for leisure riding and sport.


Not the colour of a horse is important, but the personality, a healthy body and the will to perform.
We do not breed only colour or type.
First comes a friendly and lovely personality, then a healthy body for performance, followed by movement and elegance.

We are breeding with SCID & CA clear horses, with good legs and a sporty body. A healthy horse is the base for a long life with performance and much fun with the leisure or sport partner.

There is only one characteristic that is much more important for us than SCID & CA clearness and a good body:

If a mare has got a wonderful personality, a good body and nice movement and type (when she is "the whole package" for us), but she is SCID or CA carrier, it would definitely be thinkable to breed with her although we would love to stay SCID and CA clear with our horses...


If a mare has got it all (good body, movement, flair, type...) but is a "bitch" (sorry for the bad word, I hope you know what I mean...) we will never breed with her. Personality is the most important thing to breed horses you can have much fun with.
And this is our goal. Healthy, sporty, correct and friendly horses with much arabian type and special colour.


We experienced that a breeding mare can be gorgeous, beautifull, with bold movement and arabian flair, but if she has got attitudes that makes the daily work with her dangerous for people or other horses when she has got her foal beside her, she is not suitable for breeding.

In the first weeks the foals learn so much from their mother. The whole behaviour is often copied by the foal and if it learns from the mother to be distrustful or even aggressive, it makes no sense to breed trustful family horses with this mare.

We experienced this with the Half Arabian mare (American Saddlebred x Purebred Arabian) "DR Sinful Seductions" we bought from Germany and took her out of our breeding program immediately. She was sold to a rider and is doing a good job as a riding mare now.

This was not an easy decision, as she was a beautiful mare with much arabian flair, a good size, bold movement, but it was better for her, for the horses around her and also for the people working with her daily.


Our breeding goal is an athletic arabian horse.
Its height should be around 150cm - 160cm and in the type of the Arabian Sport Horse.
The horses should be friendly, reliable, with good nerves, they should be willing to perform and should love to be around people - ideal for pleasure riding, families, cross country, western riding and versatility...

In case we are rustling with a plastic bag our horses do not tear their eyes open and run away frightened or with much snort n' blow ...no no no they come over and inspect the plastic bag.




Our device is not "performance over all!" OR "type over all!"
The whole package has to be harmonious, and when there is a beautiful tobiano coloured pattern, we are more than happy with our selfbred horses.


But also when the foal does not carry the tobiano pattern hoped for, this does not narrow the joy!
A few weeks ago we got a wonderful message at facebook from the owner of a solid SnoMan foal:
(Double Winner of European Championship Trail)
We were so happy to read this!


Dear Ms. Wertl!
Sure you remember me, I am the lifetime partner of Valentina, who bought your beautiful Nilwana ox. I just wanted to express that the colt from Nilwana is developing great. We named him Azeem Shan-O-Shahensha. This young horse has got movement, an ease and nativeness to collect in gallop I have never seen in my 38 years with horses. The young guy makes me very very happy and I will ride him in a few years...LG Karl



Thank you very much Karl for your lovely words and that you are happy with Azeem!

Exactly this kind of customer feedback makes us continuing our breeding program.
It shows us that we are on the right way and we will keep following our goals.


I hope I could give you a good overview of our breeding concept, our thoughts and principles, what kind of horses we breed
and we would love to invite you to visit us in Kärnten - Austria if you also like our concept.


Visitors are always warmly welcome at our ranch! :-)