In the last few weeks we were pretty busy - 2 important breeding events (European Championships and evaluation event - details coming soon!) took place where we had to participate with our horses, so better late than never, now our résumé to
NorCal Sierra SnoMan's breeding season 2015:

We would like to thank all our customers for their confidence and we are glad to anticipate several SnoMan foals in Austria, Italy and Switzerland in 2016.

What we are very pleased to mention:
all mares except one got pregnant during the first covering cycle, that speaks in favour of SnoMan’s fertility.

Covering a mare is always affiliated with pretty high expenditure of time and money, so we pray for our customers and of course also for ,us that it will work so smoothly in the upcoming breeding seasons with SnoMan like in the past ones.

Looking forward to many healthy, lovely and colorful foals in 2016 wishing all mare owners a smooth gestation and birth!

Best wishes from Lake Millstatt / Austria

The Wertl & Piuk Family