At the moment we are breeding with 6 mares - 3 purebred arabians, 2 pinto mares and 1 pintabian mare.
As in the next few years another 3 pintabian youngster mares will be incorporated into our breeding program,
our 3 Purebred Arabian mares are for sale!



 20120608-20120608-DSC0301-bk  khajraelassuadoxvollblutaraberstuterappeschwarz-3  WA-Nexotika-2014-Wertl-14
Al Batida ox (v. Al Magniffico ox) Khajra El Assuad ox (v. Rafik El Assuad ox) WA Nexotica ox (v. TF Afrikhan Shahox)



 Miss-Memphis-Classic-Pinto-Stute-16  PintoaraberMissAustriaClassicMarionBerg2014-5
Miss Memphis Classic  (v. Cassander) Miss Austria Classic  (v. Azal Ibn Amir)



NorCal Sierra SnoFlake (v. NorCal Sierra SnoMan) 2011



We are looking forward to breed Pintabians & Partbred Arabians with our youngsters in a few years.
2 gorgeous daughters sired by our Pintabian stallion NorCal Sierra SnoMan and our lovely pintabian filly from Finland.


passion-pintabian-sommer2014-katrin-aug-12 Pipsa-Pintabian-Stute-2014-August-4b DSC5309
My Little Passion (v. NorCal Sierra SnoMan) 2014 Rakastan Sinua (v. GP Touchof Dandi) 2013 NorCal Sierra Indian Summer (v. NorCal Sierra SnoMan) 2012