Name: NorCal Sierra SnoMan
Pedigree: Sire: Majestic Sunspot
Dam: SPA Uncondishnaluv ox
Height: 158cm+ (15.2hh+)
Colour: Bay Tobiano
SCID-CA-LFS Status: clear
Purebred Arabian blood:
Crabbet blood:
Breeding Licenses:

grade I licensed at:
ÖAZV (Austrian Arabian Breeding Association) - Partbred Arabian
APÖ (Pinto Austria) - Pinto Pleasure
ECHA (European Coloured Horse Association) - Pinto Pleasure

2017 registered for breeding with ZSAA (Germany)

Certificates: Registered in the USA at:
HAHR (Half Arabian)
PtHA (Pinto)
IPAR (Pintabian)
PHRI (Pintabian)
Performance test
30days performance test 2011 in Stadl Paura
(end score 7,81)

National Champion APÖ 2014
European Championships 2014 - 4th place senior stallions
(best Pinto Arabian stallion)

National Reserve Champion 2016
European Championships 2016 - 5th place of 10 senior stallions
(unfortunately he was the only Arabian stallion this year in the senior class)

Multi Champion in the USA:

  • WCPHA 2007 High Point Halter
  • National Pintabian Futurity Champion 2007
  • Grand Champion Pintabian colts
  • Grand Champion Half Arabian/Arabian

AHA/PtHA Show 2007:

  • 1st place pinto yearling
  • 1st place half arab yearling
  • 2nd place pinto open
  • 3rd place pinto tobiano color


El Dorado County Fair Open Horse Show

  • 1st place stallions/geldings 2years and under
  • 1st place stallions/geldings Arabians 2years and under

Several Premium foals at home and abroad, such as:


  • Class winner Bränninge Cup 2017
  • ÖAZV Arabian Junior Championesse 2015
  • ÖAZV Show 1st & 2nd place fillies 2015
  • European Champion fillies 2015
  • National Champion Austria fillies 2015
  • Carinthian County Show Winner filly 2015
  • European Champion filly 2014
  • Arabian Championesse 2012
  • Arabian Reserve Championesse 2012
  • 2nd place ÖAZV Arabian Show colts 2011
  • 1st place APÖ Show 2011
  • Several Premium mares
Breeding fees: 800 Euro (for foals with 99,0 or more arabian bloodlines)
500 Euro (for foals below 99,0% arabian bloodlines)
Fees for daily care
of your mare:

10 Euro per day (for a mare with foal nursing)
  8 Euro per day  (for a mare without foal)

For details about our special conditions in 2018 please visit our
breeding conditions page or contact us via email.
We would love to welcome you in A-9871 Seeboden at
beautiful Lake Millstatt.

Our Breeding Conditions




Pinto & other breeds

Breeders like to use our pintabian stallion NorCal Sierra SnoMan with his 99,8% arabian bloodlines and elegant-athletic body combined with kind and willing personality as a refinement stallion in coloured sport horse breeding programs, as well as in Partbred Arabian breeding programs where he stands out with his great riding horse characteristics and extraordinary colour.


The judges described him at his first stallion licensing 2009 as followes:

"An athletic and colorful Arabian stallion with very correct legs,
ideal riding horse neck and nearly perfect topline"


SnoMan is very talented at jumping and enjoys long cross-country rides with obstacles very much. What has to be highlighted are his gaits, especially his wide stride and canter.

At the 30 days performance test for stallions 2011 he got top scores amongst others for constitution, trainability, fast recovery and gallop & jumping what makes him very
interesting for endurance, trail, versatility tournament and cross-country riders.

He very reliably passes these riding horse characteristics together with his easy going personality on to this sons and daughters - great horses for the whole family,
for leisure riding and reliable partners for your entry into the performance arena.


"Pintabians" (pintoarabian horses with at least 99,0% purebred arabian bloodlines and tobiano pattern) are a relatively young "breed" in Europe
but they get more and more famous and desired because of their versatility. They are suitable for leisure riders, for the whole family due to their wonderful personality,
for riders who like to participate at different sport tournaments starting at endurance rides, trails, western disciplines, jumping, eventing, dressage,
horse agility games, ... and so much more.

SnoMan is the only licensed and performance tested Pintabian stallion in Austria so far (status September 2016).
One of his Pintabian sons got his first foals on the ground in Sweden in 2016 - 2 foals at owner Mie Jagne - one Pintabian colt with gorgeous type and bold movement.

Several of his first daugthers were approved for breeding and registered as premium mares. We are proud and very satisfied with SnoMan's offspring and looking forward
to his future foals and grandchilds.


Purebred Arabians

A purebred arabian mare covered by NorCal Sierra SnoMan produces a foal with 99,9% purebred arabian bloodlines (this is the highest percentage possible when breeding pintabians as you will not reach 100% anymore). Hence horse associations calculate the purebred arabian percentage to multiple decimals and some breeders or enthusiasts head for
higher and higher percentages.
The exact percentage of SnoMan is 99,8046875 - calculated by the American Registry PHRI to the very last digit.

Partbred Arabians and other breeds

If you would like to get a pintabian foal out of your mare with SnoMan your mare "only" needs 98,1953125% purebred arabian bloodlines
to reach the needed 99,0% for the official pintabian status.


BUT in our opinion not the percentage is important, but the overall quality of the horse bred
(correctness, interieur, exterieur, movement, type...)


The arabian blood percentage is however an important criterion to register and evalutate horses in their correct "divisions".
At this point a big Thank You to the Austrian Partbred Arabian Registry (ÖAZV, especially Regina Schchinger) who is calculating the
exact percentages for every horse which are printed onto their passports and breeding zertificates.

We made very good experience with the overall quality of SnoMan's offspring so far. Even when the desired tobiano pattern
was not passed to the foal we always were more than very happy with the athletic body and lovely personality he had passed on.
Great prospects for riding, sport (endurance, versatility, eventing, western disciplines and much more) and of course wonderful family members.

We would love to invite you to visit us in Austria at Lake Millstatt to meet
SnoMan and some of his offspring at our little ranch. Feel free to contact us for an appointment.

If you would like to cover your mare with NorCal Sierra SnoMan but maybe are unsure what kind of papers the foal would get, do not hesitate to contact us!
We would be happy to assist you.

We wish all breeders a successful breeding season and many healthy & gorgeous foals!