The owner of the mare makes sure that:
- the mare is healthy and ready to breed (cervix sample not older than 3 weeks)
- the mare comes from a stable without contagious diseases
- TRACES certificate needed for mares from outside Austria)
- the mare is wearing no horse shoes (hind legs)

Please inform us about special needs (feeding, handling, care,...) of your mare before bringing her to us.
Your vet will also inform you about the best possible preparation of your mare for a successful gestation
(like ultrasound, examination,...).

SnoMan is available via Natural Covering at hand.


Life Foal Guarantee:
In case your mare reabsorbs, looses her foal or the foal dies within 14 days after birth, you are able to cover your mare again without breeding fee in the current breeding season
(an attestation from your vet is needed). **
Should happen something to your foal after the first 2 weeks in its life, please just contact us, this term is not carved in stone.

Colour Guarantee:
When a solid coloured foal from SnoMan is born, you may cover your mare again with him in the current breeding season with our lowered breeding fee. **

Our offers for breeders this year:

  • SnoMan having his 10th breeding season this year, we have prepared something special for our customers this year
    More information on request!

  • Performance Special
    (e.g. for mares with mare performance test, ridden approvals, premium or elite mares, mares attending ridden classes and tournaments)

  • Special conditions for mares with longer travels who shall stay at our ranch until the Ultrasound exam is made.

As usual SnoMan will be available for your at our ranch in A-9871 Seeboden - Lake Millstatt from spring to autumn.


Breeding fees:pintabianhengstsnomanallgemeinebilder-3
800 Euro - Purebred Arabian & Pintabian (Producer) mares
(foal with at least 99,0% arabian bloodlines)
500 Euro - Pinto, Partbred Arabian, Warmblood, Thoroughbred & other breeds
(foal with less than 99,0% arabian bloodlines)

Boarding fees:
Mare without foal: 10 Euro per day
Mare with foal: 12 Euro per day
Special conditions for mares with longer travels who shall stay at our ranch until the Ultrasound exam is made.

The entire expenses (breeding fee, boarding fee and vet costs for example for ultrasounds if needed) need to be paid when picking up the mare at our stable.
The covering certificate will be handed out as soon as all costs are paid.


Boarding of your mare:

At our little and homely ranch we have got several free run paddocks with winterproof shelters available for our guest mares and foals. They can spend all day and night outside or get inside our stable at night and overnight in stalls. Let us know what you prefer and what kind of keeping your mare is used to.
The mares always have intervisibility to other horses and that way also the biggest possible safety aspect is given for all horses.
Additionally we have got separate grass paddocks for grazing. All paddocks have strong wood fences with additional electric fence and automatic waterers.
Hay and straw are available all day and night and if your mare needs special food or treatment we just need to talk about everything (in advance) and can arrange it.

Your mare will be put into our roundpen directly next to SnoMans free run barn and so she can get in touch with him as she likes.
An ultrasound exam can be done by our vet at our ranch, an examination stand is also available.







SnoMan is covering at hand, with halter and lead, is very well behaved and easy to handle.
In case your mare is very nervous we can assist her with Reiki Therapy, aromatherapy or Bach flowers.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.


We wish all our clients a successful breeding season and many healthy & gorgeous foals next year!



The stallion owner is not liable for foreign horses (guest mares and foals).
This applies to accidents, diseases, injuries, death or reduction of value of mare and/or foal.
The mares owner remains owner of the mare, the stallion owner declines the liability for animals.
The mares owner is responsible for a suitable insurance (liability insurance).
The stallion owner is allowed to hire a vet in case of emergency at cost of the mares owner.
All guarantees expire in case our stallion dies, or is unable to breed or is not in our ownership anymore.

** (Vet and boarding fees will be at the cost of the mares owner).